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01: 名前:automatic投稿日:2002/05/23(木) 00:48


02: 名前:Taiwnfan投稿日:2002/05/23(木) 13:10
I read the book(Chinese edition) last year...
The book will make her fans know her better!
I think that she is a really lovely person.
Beautiful appearance! Beautiful mind. Beautiful personality!

Hope that Japanese fans like this book,too
and know her better.... like her more and more!

Warm Regards ^__^

03: 名前:automatic投稿日:2002/05/23(木) 21:44
Taiwanfanさん、Thanks lots.
I have the original(Korean) edition and the Chinese one.
But I cannot read Chinese, and I have not read the Korean edition completely.

『とても大切な愛』著者:イ・ヨンエ 翻訳:キム・ヨンヒ
本体価格:1,500円 ISBN:4576011529

# By the way, I may go to Taiwan on June or July.
# If possible, would you meet me in Taiwan?

04: 名前:Taiwnfan投稿日:2002/05/24(金) 14:48
OK! ^_^ We met each other last year. Do you remember me? I told you "Let's keep supporting Lee Young Ae to let more and more people like her!"

You do a good job in this website! ^_^

Welcome To Taiwan! I am glad to meet you again!
Please tell me when you decides the actual date you come to Taiwan!

Warm Regards

TaiwanFan :)

05: 名前:とーます投稿日:2002/05/25(土) 01:53   HME




06: 名前:TaiwanFan投稿日:2002/05/25(土) 13:50
Dear Japanese friends:

Thanks for your reply. Hope that you all like Lee Young Ae's book and movies!

I have some questions...
Could you tell us your ideas when you are free?

1. The cover of Lee Young Ae's book 「とても大切な愛」in Japanese edition is different from in Korean edition
(The photo of the book cover in Taiwanese edition is the same as Korean. Please refer to http://www.automatic.ne.art.cg/index.shtml ,
you can find the the photo of the book cover in Taiwanese edition.)

Why different?

2. There is a photo of the movie "春の日は過ぎゆく" in the book cover...
Is there any information of the movie mentioned in this book?

3. After you read the book, you can say something in brief!

Please tell us what you think and you know...
Thanks a lot for your answers! ^__^

Warm Regards


07: 名前:automatic投稿日:2002/05/26(日) 22:24
Taiwan fanさん、今日、東京の新宿にある大きな本屋さん(紀伊国屋書店)



08: 名前:好古投稿日:2002/05/27(月) 03:13

nice to meet you! i'm Young Ae fan too.
i bought that book the day before yesterday.
and i read it in the first portion.
my first impression is that she is so kind, serious and ・・・beautiful !!
you know, in this book, she tell her view and her private.
before reading this book, i saw only her Appearance. but now i feel like seeing her heart.
for not only me but all of the Young fan, i think, this book is Bible

by the way
about The cover of Lee Young Ae's book , i don't know why it's different from original edition.
If it guesses, in next month is exhibited.
so the editer would like her to be impressed to japanese people.
therefore in the cover the whole body is reflected and that is composed of red color.

> Is there any information of the movie mentioned in this book?
certainly there is some information of her movie.
but in most part it is not so novel. maybe you watch it from a internet or any magazins.
as an exception there is a episode in which Young Ae told her way of thinking about to the Diet member.
do you know this episode ?

see you !!

09: 名前:とーます投稿日:2002/05/27(月) 23:35   HME


10: 名前:TaiwanFan投稿日:2002/05/28(火) 00:43
Hi!好古 ^_^
Thanks for your quick reply and sharing thoughts.
1.Thanks for your explanation of the different book covers.
2.I feel curious...because in this essay book I cannot find what you talk about (JSA) to Diet member...

So it is interesting.. maybe Japanese edition adds additional section?

3. Hope that you enjoy reading this book!

No hurry! I am happily waiting for you express your feelings after you finish reading this book!

Thanks a lot!
Warm Regards

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