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  Please urge Shochiku invite Lee Young Ae!!!

01: 名前:TaiwanFan投稿日:2002/04/23(火) 01:36
Dear Japanese fans:

Could you inquire 松竹 Shochiku corp. something about whether Lee Young Ae is invited to come to Japan to promote the movie "A Fine Spring Day"?

Since we read Korean news and found that the director Hur Jin Ho and the actor Yu Ji Tae will come to Japan to promote the movie....

but Lee Young Ae is not mentioned...... what a pity if she could not make it to come to Japan!

I hope that she will come to Japan to meet more Japanese fans. Moreover, her essay book "Especially Love" will be issued in Japan...

So if she can come to Japan, more Japanese fans will know her better!

Let us express our thoughts (we hope we can meet Young Ae!) to Shochiku corp. http://www.shochiku.co.j or
Lee's agency company http://www.mcc21.com/starhome/leeyoungae/board.html!

Please Japanese fans take care of this.... thanks a lot!!!

02: 名前:Alice Wong投稿日:2005/07/10(日) 20:04
I think she will go to Japan for her new movie.Don't worry.


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